Annual Accounts

We don’t miss deadlines nor have last-minute rushes.

KLB Financial Management can prepare your Annual Accounts to meet the legal requirements of both HMRC and Companies House (or Charity Commission if you are a registered charity). These reports provide a clear picture of the financial health of your organisation, which is critical to both you and your key stakeholders.

We don’t miss deadlines nor have last-minute rushes. We plan ahead and will communicate regularly with you throughout the year. This way, your Annual Accounts can be prepared in line with the required accounting standards and without any fuss.

Meeting these legal requirements means providing accurate information, in the correct format and on time. Since these accounts form the basis of your annual tax returns, it is vital to get this right. We actively manage the timing of your accounts production to take advantage of any early tax planning opportunities.

We use modern cloud based accounting software to prepare your reports. This complies with the increasing requirement for digital reporting mandated by the Government where tax returns, initially for VAT, must be electronically linked from your organisation’s financial data. You may have heard the term ‘Making Tax Digital’ before, well that is exactly what this refers to.

If you are happy keeping your own accounting records but would like some guidance as to how you can do this in a more efficient manner, we can review your procedures and provide you with feedback.  We can also advise you on cloud based accounting software and supporting apps. Or to ease the burden, you can ask us do the work for you.

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